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Costumer's Rating
Best breakfast burritos my crew has ever had. We all agree on this. There grown men going nuts over breakfast burritos is uncommon. We ordered today for the second time and we will order again tomorrow.
Love Colima's food! Have eaten there for years. I no longer live in the area and whenever I go back it is at the top of my list for places to eat. It is the proverbial hole in the wall next to what was Target which is now closed.
Great food for a great price! Favorites are the North Park burrito, Baja shrimp burrito, nachos, fish tacos combo, beef burrito & 2 rolled tacos combo, and 2 shrimp enchiladas combo.
This true Mexican food restaurant that in my opinion is the best in the Hillcrest area, the food has an authentic Mexican flavor, the dishes are very well served, the tender meats, the large shrimp, in short, everything is a delight and with extensive menu at affordable prices!
Liliana B.
The flour tortillas are the best for the burritos, they have spectacular spicy sauces. Great price for the quality. I will return to this place soon
Enrique G.
There is a lot of taco shops, but when you find a good one, you have to recommend it and Colimas is one of them. Fresh food, great taste and great customer service
Tonatiu I
Delicious food, specially the beef soup, but only in the mornings, I feel like the afternoon one tastes differently
Keitel C.